Node.JS Developer

Job Description:
Gather and understand the business requirements, applying his expertise to the end to end software development life-cycle, designing, building and maintaining application and software developments based on functional specifications in collaboration with senior developers, in order to meet the established requirements and ensuring compliance with Group standards.

Build Applications:
* Develop the concept & design of technical solutions based on business needs
* Gathering and analyzing application technical requirements
* Build & deploy working reusable software following the agile principle
* Define and conduct integration and unit testing
* Prevent, identify and resolve any anomalies
* Contribute to the continual improvement of our design and development process

Maintenance & BAU
* Evaluate defects, resolve issue and deploy solution
* Design, implement& deliver change requests based on request manager prioritization
* Provide Level 3 support on incidents & problems
* Maintain deployed applications and conduct proactive / preventive issue resolution
* Recommend maintenance and BAU improvements
* Keep up to date on the latest industry trends in technologies.

Documentation and Communication
* Draw up documentation for his/her developments.
* Explain solutions developed to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
* Work closely with product owner, scrum master and senior developer to collaborate

* Proficient with the following tool/platforms:
- JavaScript (ES6), jQuery library and CSS3
- JavaScript frontend framework (angular, react)
- Node.js & frameworks (expressJS, and ideally also loopback & sails)
- code versioning tools usage (git)
- templating languages (moustacheJS, handlebars, nunjucks)
- server-side CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
* Exposure with test driven development utilities (mocha, sinon, chai, istanbul, Enzyme), as well as continuous integration & deployment utilities (Jenkins)
* Experience with microservices framework and configuration and deployment (docker, terminal commands, ideally also openshift)
* Basic proficiency on building & bundling tools (gulp, grunt, webpack) and repository manager tools (artifactory / sinopia / nexus / npm)
* Ideally basic knowledge on developing secured application (against XSS and CSRF) by use of NSP and other tools
* Ideally basic knowledge on specific technologies and platforms provided by the Company to client (mongoDB, GitHub, Cloudbees, AWS, JSON, Kibana)
* Previous experience on participating as team member on agile practice, ceremonies and use of collaboration tools (confluence, JIRA) is highly preferred
* Previous experience on Programming and pattern design, and full responsive design


Job no: CMAJ00119

Location: Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Taguig

Closing Date: Friday, 11 December 2020