React JS


  • Bachelors Degree Graduate in Information Technology, Computer Science or other relevant fields
  • Knowledge on client server architecture and network performance evaluation
  • Knowledge on DOM Document Object Model or how JS treats a browser rendered HTML page
  • Knowledge on render blocking project or critical rendering path along with Google page speed scoring rules
  • Knowledge on using GIT version controlling using Github
  • Knowledge on Apache and/or NGINX web server and it’s configuration, htaccess full file from the HTML5 boilerplate and browser hacks
  • Master semantic coding approach, moduler CSS or use a CSS pre processors like LESS, SCSS and Stylus
  • Master the method of DOM traversal, DOM events and related topics
  • Master of any automation tools like grunt and HTMC/CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap an it’s components



  • Responsible in doing speed optimization, script concatenation, minification, cross browser compatible html layout
  • Responsible in doing Front-end automation or build task that includes compiling CSS pre-processor code to original CSS code
  • Concatenating multiple CSS and JS files into one to substantially reduce HTTP request.



Job no: DYAW00208

Location: Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, Taguig

Closing Date: Friday, 24 July 2020